Friday, August 13, 2010

How to Apply for a Passport in 30 minutes or less

How to Apply for a Passport in 30 Minutes or Less (and find where you need to apply to!)

1) Tell your father you need to renew your passport, or else you can't go to Iceland. Tell him we have to go NOW.

2) Find out what building you need to go to, and by random choice, go to the court house.

3) The court house was the right building, after all. Head to the office you first applied for your passport in 4 years ago, and hope its the right one. Get there an hour before they close.

4) Ask if it's the right room, and once confirmed, ask what you need. Take the form, and start making phonecalls.

5) Drive to the grocery store to get an instant passport photo, call your mother, tell her to be at the courthouse in 15 minutes with your birth certificate, passport, and social security number.

6) Rendezvous at the court house 30 minutes before they close, fill out the form lightning fast, then slap it on the desk.

7) Fill out checks for application fees.

8) Take some oath saying that you aren't forging information, and then leave. Complete.

This was a very hectic process, but it is now done. I am one step closer. I'm steadily making progress on my full application, and I'm almost halfway done, but there is oh so much more.

To all who have viewed, donated, and forwarded this blog: thank you! Thank you so much! I don't think there is a way I can view who donated what, but if there was, I would send everyone an individual thank you e-mail! Remember, this fundraiser doesn't end until August 6th, 2011, so tell your friends, forward those emails!

Takk, og bless bless!

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