Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Who am I?

Who am I? Why AFS?
My name is Aaron Talley, and I am currently a sophomore at Our Lady of the Hills Catholic high school in Kerrville, Texas. I like to do a lot of drawing and photography, and I love to hike, backpack, so it seems like I'll be able to do all 4 at the same time in Iceland. So, I say Iceland because this is where I would love to go to study abroad for a year. I chose to go with AFS, American Field Services, because of their lengthy history and great support for the students, regardless of what plan I chose. They have a great community, and I've heard they still provide a lot of help while you're in your host country.

What do I expect to gain from the experience? What will I give in return?
 I expect to become a more mature, tolerant young adult. To be a foreign exchange student and live in a foreign culture, not just a country, for a year is an opportunity I will probably not have again. I've always thought of living in Iceland as a dream come true, but I thought I might visit first, and this is my best option, to live there for an entire year. Here in the Hill Country of Texas, I do a lot of community service, and if I moved to Iceland in the future, I would be active in Boyscouts (as I am here) and helping the local communities there.

Why do I need help financing this adventure?
 I am willing to do anything to finance this trip, because if I'm not able to come up with the funds myself, I would possibly have to take  out a loan, or borrow money from relatives, and relatives can charge however much interest they like (trust me!). I already have a job at a local Diner bussing tables, but during school I won't be able to work but only on weekends, and that won't cover my tuition.

What do I plan to do to fundraise?
I plan to sell drawings and crafts, but I won't be able to sell enough duct tape wallets to pay for it all, so I'm asking you, to chip in just a little, because every cent counts. I know that times and funds can be tight, but I'm only asking for a little.
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  1. Hope you make it man. I know it will be absolutely amazing. Ill try to help asd much as i can.
    ---your friend,
    Ryan Beeman

  2. I hope that $2.00 I chipped in will go far ;D

  3. @Tyler
    Thanks! That's all I'm asking of people, just a dollar or two. Thank you!

  4. IDK about money but im sure i could pitch in some warm backpacking socks and maybe a jacket or two...