Thursday, September 9, 2010

Help me out in new ways!

I have new ways for you guys to help me out, and also a way for kids who like to have some fun at the 808 to contribute to me by paying no more than they usually do!

If you want to send me money by check, or just hand it to me in person, that's fine! Don't think the web form is the only way to help me out!

If any of you guys want my address, feel free to e-mail me at any time!
I appreciate either method, but I only keep 97% of whats given to me over the web.

So, more about the kids that like to have some fun. A few weeks ago, the 808 Dance Club offered to make me a deal to help me out, and I haven't done my job of advertising as well as I can, so here I am! For every $10 entrance fee, they proposed to donate 10% of anyone's entrance fee that mentioned my name to me! That means that if you go into the dance club and mention my name, that gives me $1! Get a big group of friends to go, because it helps me out, and it helps me out!

Remember, big groups are more fun! But don't worry, the 808 is a safe place, there are no drugs or alcohol on the premises, and anyone over 21 isn't allowed in on the nights that teens are allowed. The bouncer even goes out into the parking lot every couple of minutes to see if anyone bad's in the parking lot. It's completely safe and fun!
Check them out online, or stop by the dance club right as you enter into Kerrville going from Fredericksburg!

For more information for parents, click here.
To see their home page, click here.

Thank you for all your support!
Takk fyrir! Bless bless!

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