Monday, February 6, 2012

Icelandic Flavor

It's been more than a month, and (honestly) not much has happened. That's Nordic winters. My Icelandic is coming along slowly, as always, and I can understand a lot of what is being said. I constantly ask myself the English translation and then explain it to myself as if I was a foreigner. It's a lot of fun, but pretty much useless when I see the same signs every day.

I cook breakfast for myself a lot, I don't do a lot of sleeping (I'm blaming the lack of sun), and I've been drawing more to pass the time. I've also been watching lots of TV shows. I'm 3/4 through House MD, 1/2 through Adventure Time, finished Avatar: Last Airbender, Breaking Bad, Dexter, and I've watched probably 30 or more movies. It's not that great for being an exchange student, but it happens. Also, everyone here does it, it's kind of the thing to watch TV shows and movies all the time.

Recently I purchased 6 tubes of watercolors, a few brushes, some india ink, and stupid amounts of watercolor and heavy weight paper. By the way, it was expensive. Instead of watching TV shows and whatnot, I've been drawing and painting (or in some cases, watching TV and painting).

Now, the word TV has shown up far too many times, so I'm going to show you pictures a friend (Gunnlaugur) took yesterday. This is what Iceland looks like in the Winter.

(You can only see this mountain from Borgarnes on a really clear day)

Now I wait for him to post pictures of bacon. 

It's a big country after all.

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