Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crazy Icelandic phrases!

Icelandic is a little bit like dividing by zero, in that... well, no, nevermind.

But really, Icelandic is made up of hundreds of phrases that make no sense by them self literally translated, but in Icelandic apparently they make perfect sense.

I may go back and edit some more in later, but for right now, SHORT POST!

Lýst vel á það - (Leesht vel ow tha(h)th)
Lit.: Described well on it.
Means: Sounds like a plan (Good idea).

Til á það (Till ow tha(h)th)
Lit.: To on it.
Means: I'm up for anything.

Þetta reddast (th-eh-tah red-ahst)
Lit: That fixed.
Means: It'll work out (eventually).
More: This is the mindset of the Icelandic people, really. They're very laidback and things will work out eventually, so don't worry. Right?

edit: litterally: it fixes itself.
My bad!

Til hamingju með daginn/afmæli (til hah-mi(n)g-you meth dah-yinn/af-mile-ee)
Lit: To happiness with the day
Means: Happy birthday!

Also, it's Winter now (well, the daylight is, it's been 46 degrees all day today! Hasn't frozen in over a week).The sun comes up around 11ish and goes down around 5ish. The time is quickly moving closer to 0 hours of daylight a day, and it's increasingly hard to go to bed (because the sun has been down for 6 hours before you actually try and sleep) and increasingly hard to get up (because the sun isn't going to come up for another 4 hours).

Þakka þér fyrir að lesa


  1. I love your blog! It's really interesting, keep posting..

  2. Your blog is amazing! I love it and I adore the photos! iceland must be so beautiful... i'm an exchange student in germany atm :)
    keep posting!

  3. hm, I don't think 'þetta reddast' is that odd. 'að redda' means 'to fix', but the -st ending is just for the reflexive form, isn't it? so it's literally 'that fixes itself' which is as good as saying 'that will fix itself' which makes sense, right?

    or am I missing something?

  4. Er það? Ég vissi það ekki. Hmph, it seems your right. That one does make sense now.

  5. Correction -- til í það, not til á það :) but cool phrases!

    I also like "það kemur í ljós", similar to "þetta reddast"

  6. Dude, your blog is amazing. Keep writing ;)

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