Sunday, March 20, 2011


To help me fundraiser for my trip to Iceland I am having shirts screen printed and am selling them to anyone who is interested.

The costs are as follows:
I have two designs,
Each are $25 shipped

[picture removed--wrong design, see post above]

I am also offering to do custom shirts to your liking (one color, stencil style) for $40 shipped on a plain cotton white t-shirt. The quality is similar to those pictured, and it goes toward a great cause. Your picture can be of anything, and if you want more than one shirt with your design on it, the price will be significantly cheaper for each individual shirt.

Hope this works out! I know it's a little pricey for shirts, but all the money goes toward my tuition! Please help me out, or tell your friends if you think they would be interested!

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